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#445 - Grace Bowers on The Stigma of Being a Female Guitar Player + Why She Doesn’t Like Being Called a Teenage Guitar Prodigy + Working with Brothers Osborne


Tuesday, April 2, 2024 - 50 minutes

17-year-old guitar phenomenon Grace Bowers (@grace_bowers) sat down with Bobby Bones to talk about the trail she is blazing in Nashville. She details the stigma she faces being a female guitar player and why she does not like being called a teenage guitar prodigy. Grace shares how she started live streaming her performances which led to her moving to Nashville to chase her music dreams. Grace opens up about her approach to guitar playing, her exciting upcoming projects and how she started working with Brothers Osborne! She also shares a personal story on why she was kicked out of sports as a kid and her mom jumps on the podcast too! Bobby also invites her to play at his Million Dollar Show benefiting St. Jude at the Ryman Auditorium and more! 

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