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Why Amy's Losing Trust in Men, Kat's Money Saving Tip, Sad News About Dry Shampoo & More (5th Thing)

4 Things with Amy Brown

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 - 36 minutes

Today's quote: 

“When you are not used to being confident, confidence will feel like arrogance. When you are used to being passive, assertiveness will feel like aggression. When you are not used to getting your needs met, prioritizing yourself will feel selfish. With that being said, your comfort zone is not always a good benchmark.” — Words from a psychotherapist (Shared on IG By: Mariana Self Love Coach)


Amy shares an email from Martha asking about the hair mask Ashley Wahler recommended when she was on the podcast: "I was driving during this episode and couldn’t take notes! What was the hair oil and hair mask she mentioned? Thank you!"


Here you go Martha: Ashley recommended the Kerastase Elixir Hair Oil and you can find it HERE. Amy also shares with Kat why Ashley is not a fan of dry shampoo. If you missed the episode with Ashely it's definitely worth listening to. Click HERE to listen!


Kat talks about practicing patience with her Anthropologie orders (she's obsessed with that store) and how she's able to save so much money with her "method" + her clothing subscription...which leads to Amy talk about updating her closet to her 'summer colors' and the patience required for that (the 'summer colors' is from another episode worth listening to  about a color analysis Amy had done of her underlying skin tone. Click HERE to listen! Speaking of podcasts to listen to...Amy's been obsessed with the 'Something Was Wrong' podcast - she's already listened to 3 seasons and this lines up with an email we got from Tammy: "Amy, I was with someone who lied to me for 12 years. After he passed away I found terrible videos of his betrayal." Ugh, that's terrible. We feel for Tammy on this one. 


Other things discussed:

- Parachute (a movie that's coming out this weekend about eating disorders)

- A Good Year (movie from 2006 starring Russell Crow that Amy just watched and loved) 

- One Day (a show on Netflix...warning: you will cry!)

- Voicemail from Heather recommending we look into playing padel (apparently, it's the fastest growing sport in the world!)



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